Mella Music Therapy provides complete assessments to identify the clients strengths, weaknesses, and needs and to determine if music therapy will be an effective treatment for the client. The assessment process includes:

  • Collecting pertinent information such as reason for seeking therapy, client history, personal and music preferences, etc. through forms and a personal interview with the client and/or caregiver.

  • Obtaining copies of records that will help the music therapist learn the client's previous goals and objectives, and understand the opinions and treatment provided by other therapists or clinicians.

  • Two music therapy sessions designed to build rapport between client and therapist and to assess the client in many areas including cognition, academic skills, physical ability, music preference and abilities, psycho-social/emotional skills, and communication skills.

  • An assessment report and treatment plan which will be discussed in a meeting with the music therapist. These documents will discuss the assessment findings, recommended goals and objectives, and specific plans and procedures for treatment.

  • Documentation of each session.

  • A progress report each quarter.

  • A meeting to discuss the quarterly report if needed.